Happy Holidays & Merry Karma Christmas!

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Christmas is Karma!?!

Oh Oh Oh, it is Christmas time! Certainly, one of the best period of the year!
Wearing cozy slippers and warm jumpers, getting together with the family and sharing precious moments – Christmas represents more than that! Christmas tradition doesn’t only bring happiness; it also calls for a new energy and harmony that can be defined as Karma.

What is Karma?

Karma means action where Cause and Consequence are its principle elements.

The Karma is like an invisible glue that connects your actions to the future consequences of these actions. Good intentions contribute to good karma and happy days on the horizon, while bad intentions contribute to bad karma and most probably some trouble. So keep calm and be nice to people! And of course, there is an uncontrollable aspect of Karma which is the time: you do not know when the karma will bring you back the consequences to your past actions.

Karma power!

Karma is a powerful ancient law defined by the spiritual link between cause and effect. It relates to each action that we pursue in our daily life. In Hinduism, there is a believe that receiving is a consequence of giving. Therefore, our successes and failures are mostly the result of our past thoughts and actions.

When we think, speak or act we initiate an energy that influence these processes. Thinking and acting positively helps you and people around you.

Give and receive all year long!

During Christmas, we would usually think about others. Choosing the color of your mom’s new iPhone or setting a beautiful Christmas atmosphere to please your loved ones – Christmas is all about giving to the others! Whether it is to please or to help, everything starts with good intentions.

There is no need to look for occasions to be good to others. You can make people happy all year long. Please pass the good karma around you to your family, friends, colleagues and best enemies. Let’s turn this planet into a little better place to live.

Start approaching your professional networking with a good dose of Karma and your career will not be disappointed.

Lean Networking wishes you great holidays and successful 2017!