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Welcome to the Lean Networking blog

We are three writers, Patrick, Giacomo and Chris. We live in Paris. We have moved city many times and we live professional lives where networking effectively can make a difference between things happening and not.

We believe that the best way to become effective at networking is hold yourself to account for doing some small actions spending an hour or two a week. You have to measure what you do. And you have to look back and what worked or not. This is the lean approach that is used to build startups – except we apply the concepts of try something, measure, learn from the experience – applied to networking.

We will put the best information into blog posts and put the actions to take into downloadable worksheets. You can pick up any worksheet any time and take action. There is no dependency on any of the material we provide, read and put into practice any of them at any time.

Once a week, we will send an email to everyone on our mailing list. This will let you know of the articles we have written, the best content that we have read on the internet that we want to share with you and any new pdfs and ebooks that we put on the site regularly.

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