Happy Holidays &  Merry Karma Christmas!

Happy Holidays & Merry Karma Christmas!

Oh Oh Oh, it is Christmas time! Certainly, one of the best period of the year! Wearing cozy slippers and warm jumpers, getting together with the family and sharing precious moments – Christmas represents more than that! Christmas tradition doesn’t…

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11 Tips To Nurture Your Network

11 tips to nurture your network

We live in a hyper-connected world where you: Do not need to know someone to connect with Can easily find someone on the web Can increase your online connections by hundreds every day Maybe not all the above is great…

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Mastering The Art Of Small Talk

Mastering the Art of Small Talk

There is almost no way to avoid it: If you want to excel at business networking, you have to master the art of small talk. These ice-breaking conversations are important because they allow you to begin conversations and it’s the…

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How To Give An Effective Handshake

How to Give an Effective Handshake

According to archeological ruins and ancient texts, the handshaking gesture date back to 5th century BC and it is thought to have a peaceful role: it demonstrates that the hand holds no weapon. However, the handshake can become a dangerous…

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Why Does Networking Start With Giving?

Why Does Networking Start with Giving?

It seems too simple and yet so few of us do it. If you really want to be on the radar of hugely connected and influential people, the single best way to begin is to give these people something incredible.…

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